NHFDC Scholarships 2023

Learn about the different selections of NHFDC Scholarships 2023 open for disabled/handicapped students in India.

About NHFDC Scholarships

Introduction to: NHFDC scholarships 2023

The NHFDC Scholarship is open for different eligible students in India. The NHFDC Scholarships is provided by the “National Handicapped Finance Development and Corporation”, which are both partially and fully funded scholarships. Applicants can pursue education of professional or technical courses after getting this scholarship. Moreover, about 2500 students will get this scholarship every year, from which 30% is provided to female students. Online applications are also available for NHFDC Scholarships 2023 registration respectively.

Emphatically, NHFDC Scholarships 2023 are only available for disabled Indian students to learn at any Indian Institutions. NHFDC Scholarships are offered to the applicants on the basis of disability, and financial statement. The Government of India and their Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment are providing loan for disabled students, under a wide range of programme offerings.

To study in India, scholarships are of a great help to reduce financial burden, as well as to support your studies. So that people can have a better future. Many students become unable to proceed their studies due to financial problems or disability. So hence, the NHFDC are offering NHFDC financial aids in order to help disabled students in India.

Benefits of NHFDC Scholarships

Learning and studying with the help of scholarships is a great way to fund your studies. What’s more, they help handicapped students to grasp the opportunity of having a better future.

Following are the benefits of NHFDC Scholarships 2023:-

  • Tuition fee coverage
  • Monthly pay
  • Rs.2500 — Monthly pay for professional graduate courses
  • Rs.3000 — Monthly pay for professional postgraduate courses
  • Housing & Accommodation allowance (10 months in 1 year)
  • Free Health Insurance

The financial aids, appliances or other supporting products, provided by the NHFDC, for differently handicapped students are listed below:-

  • For People having Blindness or low vision:-

Rs. 10,000 + Brailler Typewriter, for Blind people

Rs. 40,000 + Laptop/desktop with screen reading service, for Blind people

Rs. 60,000 + Laptop/Desktop with screen magnification service, for Low Vision people

  • For people having hearing disability:-

Rs. 50,000 + Rs. 3,600 p.a. + binaural digital programmable hearing aid

Rs. 5,000 + cell phone with as SMS SIM card

Rs. 70,000 Laptop/Desktop with Wi-Fi facility

  • For people having Orthopaedics disability:-

Rs. 40,000 + Laptop/Desktop

How to apply for the NHFDC Scholarship 2023?

As I have said before, they also provide online applications for the students to register for NHFDC scholarships. Furthermore, these scholarships are provided on the basis of financial needs and disability.

Significantly, the applicant should plan their application before the deadline of the scholarship application proposal. To apply for the NHFDC Scholarship 2023, following are the steps to apply for this scholarship:-

Steps to apply:

  • If you are a new applicant, then first you have to apply for an admission at any Indian university in technical & professional courses, and then secondly apply for the financial aid.
  • Complete the application information sheet that contains an applicant’s personal information, and as well as, information on academic criteria or financial statement.
  • Complete all the documents, suggested by the NHFDC University you have enrolled into, and then attach them with the application.
  • Finally, after fulfilling all the documents requested by the university, it is time to submit the application.
  • Soon, you will get the notification about the final results and result announcements.
  • Contact [email protected] for more help.
  • Good Luck!

Documents needed for NHFDC Scholarship 

To apply for the NHFDC Scholarships 2023, you may have to submit all the documents and applications required by the Indian University or College.

Accordingly, the applicant must complete the required documents and applications needed for the scholarship, which are mentioned below:-

  • Completed Application Form
  • Statement of Propose
  • Proof of Annual Income (MLA, MLC, MP, etc.)
  • Countersigned Invoice of Eligible Assistive Devices
  • Attested Copy of Aadhar Card
  • Attested copy of Disability Certification
  • Copy of a Mark Sheet
  • Course Fee Receipt (if necessary)
  • And other necessary documents

Finally, after completing all the documents mentioned above, gather them up properly and then submit them before the deadline of submission date.

Requirements needed for NHFDC Scholarship 2023

In case you apply for the NHFDC scholarship, it is very important to be an eligible student. Following are the eligibility requirements that are needed to be accomplished by the applicant:-

  • Academic records for qualifying exams
  • Indian National students are eligible
  • Applying for professional & technical courses
  • Proof of annual income
  • Disabled/handicapped people are eligible

To sum up all, these scholarships are especially available for handicapped students in India. Which is why, this financial aid is only open for them.

Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of NHFDC scholarships depends on the person’s health situation. As I have said before, these scholarships are especially provided to handicapped students in India. Furthermore, about 2500 financial aids will be given to the disabled students.

Opening & Deadline of NHFDC Scholarships 2023

The deadline of scholarships 2023 is always expected on June, 30th. Therefore, it is notified that interested students should plan their application for scholarship before the deadline date surpasses.

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