Laval University Scholarships 2023 | in Canada

Read more in details about Laval University Scholarships 2023 that are awarded from Laval University to the students in Canada.

About Laval University and Laval University Scholarship

Introduction to: Laval University

Laval University is one of the best University in Canada for international students. It has ranked the #433rd in QS World University ranking, and also, provides the best education in Quebec, Canada. They welcomes hundreds of foreign students from different countries around the world. Laval University consists of facilities like: 60 departments, 780+ professors, and 550+ majors. Laval University is the best because it is famous for its successful Rouge et Or football team. It enrols about 43,000 students or more to educate.

“Why study in Laval University in Canada?” … As we all know, Canada is the most desirable place for better studies and education. They even offer a wide range of scholarships to every students respectively. Therefore, many students want to study in Laval University as it also provides a better education to their perspective students.

Introduction to: Laval University Scholarships

Laval University Scholarship is announced for both national and international students, who are excellent in academic achievements. The Laval University Scholarships are fully-funded Canadian scholarships, and are provided to over thousands of students 3 times in a year. Fascinating, right?

Laval University Scholarships 2023 are opened for the international students to get free education. Conditionally, Laval University Scholarships are offered to the applicants on the basis of academic research criteria, and student merit. Sometimes, they might also provide on need-bases. Applicants coming from all over the world are Welcome to study in Laval University.

Scholarships are of a great help to reduce financial burden. So that the applicants can study well without any worries and focus on brightening up their future. Also, there is no registration fees required for the application. Fortunately they provide online applications of Laval University Scholarships 2023 for the international students respectively.

Thousands of candidates from around the world wish to study in Laval University in Canada, but are unable to proceed their studies due to short of money. So hence, the Laval University is offering Laval University Scholarships in order to help their hardworking students.

Types of Laval University Scholarships 2023

There are many scholarships provided by the Laval University to the students. Laval University Scholarships are basically categorized into various scholarships. Following are the types of Laval University scholarships:-

  • Admission Scholarships (for research chair)
  • BRASSATA Sustainable Development Initiative Grants
  • CIBC Future Heroes Fund Scholarships
  • Canadian Hearing Service (CHS) National Fellowship Program
  • Faifax Financial Holdings Limited Scholarships Program
  • Forces Avenir Scholarships
  • Francios Lasnier Fund Scholarships
  • Francophone Immersion Scholarships from the Molson Foundation
  • Horatio Algiers Scholarships
  • Loran scholars foundation’s loan stock exchange scholarships
  • Laval University Doctoral Admission Scholarships
  • Laval University Graduate Student Host Scholarships (for CIERA Member students)
  • Laval university Graduate Hosting Scholarships (for Indigenous Students)
  • Leadership and Engagements Scholarships (BLE)
  • Marthe Bourges Internship Grants
  • Micheal Audette Reception Grant in Rehabilitation
  • Post-Secondary Scholarships in French as a Second Language
  • Pierre Borgrat Fund Grant On Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease
  • Politics Glezo Scholarships for the students of Greek Origin
  • Professional Institute Scholarship Program
  • Romeo Dallaire Young Leaders Scholarships
  • Royal Canadian Legion Master’s Fellowships for Health Research
  • Research Grants in Governance
  • Standard Life Recruitment Grants
  • YEHENTES scholarships for students for students of the Huran- Wendat Nation

Benefits of Laval University Scholarship

Learning and studying with the help of scholarships is a great way to fund your studies. What’s more interesting about these scholarships is that they are fully-funded, and provide a lot of financial support to the students. Therefore, each year a lot of students aim for these scholarships.

Following are the benefits of Laval University Scholarships 2023 listed below:-

  • Tuition fee Waivers
  • Monthly pay
  • Housing & Accommodation Coverage
  • Free Health Insurance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Airfare Funding
  • Settling allowance
  • And other educational expenses

How to apply for the Laval University Scholarship 2023?

As I have said before, they also provide online applications for international students to apply for the Laval University scholarships.

Significantly, the applicant should plan their application before the deadline of the scholarship application proposal. To get the Laval University Scholarship 2023, following are the steps to apply for this scholarship:-

Steps to apply:

  • Firstly, apply for an admission in Laval University for any degree program, and then secondly apply for the scholarship.
  • Complete the application Form that contains an applicant’s personal information, and as well as, information on academic criteria or financial statement.
  • Complete all the documents, suggested by the Laval University, and then attach them with the application.
  • Finally, after fulfilling all the documents requested by the university, it is time to submit the application.
  • Soon, you will be notified about the final results and result announcements.

Requirements & Documents needed to get the Laval University Scholarship

To apply for the Laval University Scholarships 2023, you may have to submit all the documents and applications required by Laval University.

Apparently, each scholarship provided by Laval university may require different documents and applications, such as:-

  • Completed Application Form
  • Motivational Letter
  • Acceptance Letter (optional)
  • Statement of Propose
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation and Reference
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate
  • And other required documents

Finally, after completing all the documents mentioned above, gather them up properly and then submit them before the deadline of submission date.

English Language Requirements

To study in Laval University, the applicant has to present an evidence in order to prove their English language ability. Accordingly, the English language proficiency tests accepted by the Laval University are in TOEFL, IELTS, GCE, ACT or SAT, etc. The score of IELTS test should be no less than 6.5.

FYI, even if you know that you are good at English speaking, reading, writing, and understanding, but these tests are necessary to show your abilities. As you can see, it is the only way to prove your English language proficiency ability as an evidence.  

Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate of Laval University scholarship is about 59%, which means that basically, there is a good chance to get this scholarship. Although students who are excellent in academic performance are provided by these scholarships. But however, the University won’t go hard on students for their selection in Laval University scholarships.

Deadline of Laval University Scholarships 2023

The deadline of Laval University scholarships 2023 is still on going for the moment. It is not fully decided when the scholarships will be off soon. However, the applicant should plan their application before the deadline surpasses.

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