Eiffel Scholarships 2023 in France

Learn about the fully-funded Eiffel Scholarships 2023 that are offered for the international students in France.

About Eiffel Scholarships in France

Introduction to: Eiffel Scholarships 2023

Eiffel Scholarships 2023 or Eiffel tower scholarship, is a fully-funded scholarship that is provided to the best students from around the world. The Eiffel scholarship is provided by the France Ministry and French Foreign Affairs. It undoubtedly offers the best scholarships in France to international students. Also, ONLINE scholarship application is available for the students.

There are many hardworking and extraordinary students who wish to study in French Universities, but are unable to study due to financial problems. Therefore, Eiffel scholarships are being provided by French University and Ministry to their students. So that the students can study without any worries of funding. Interested applicants should read throughout this page for complete in detail about this scholarship. However, note that the Eiffel Scholarship 2023 is offered only for Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs.

In contrast, if you apply for an Eiffel Scholarships 2023, then you don’t have to pay back anything in return. The Eiffel Scholarships are offered to the candidates based on academic criteria and excellence. Basically, it means that the applicant should be an outstanding in academic performance.

Benefits of University Scholarships

Learning and studying with the help of scholarship is a great way to fund your studies. What’s more interesting about these scholarships is that they are fully-funded, and provide a lot of financial support.

Surely, there are many benefits about the Eiffel Scholarships 2023 and we have listed the general benefits of Eiffel Scholarship:-

  • €2,350 Coverage of Master’s degree program (12-36 months)
  • €1,140 Monthly allowance for Ph.D. degree program (12 months)

The coverage of Eiffel Scholarships 2023 may also include benefits such as; monthly allowance, maintenance allowance, housing allowance, air-tickets, travel expenses, health insurance, and other extra funds.

However, one more thing about Eiffel scholarships to note is that these do not cover tuition fees. It is because they want the universities of French to support the foreign students financially as well. Also, as the government scholarship holders are exempted from the enrolment fees, the candidates enrolled in public institutions are excused from enrolment fees as well.

How to apply for the Eiffel Scholarships 2023?

The process to apply for the Eiffel Scholarships 2023 in France is simple. As I have said before, they also provide online applications for international students to apply for the scholarships. However, the applicants who received French Government Scholarships, will be disqualified for Eiffel Scholarships program.

Significantly, the applicant should plan their application before the deadline of the scholarship application proposal. To get the Eiffel Scholarship 2023, following are the steps to apply for the scholarship:-

Steps to apply:

  • If you are a new applicant, then first you have to apply for an admission in any French university for degree program, and then secondly apply for the scholarship.
  • Complete the application information sheet that contains an applicant’s personal information, and as well as, information on academic criteria or leadership experience.
  • Complete all the documents properly, suggested by the University in France.
  • Applicant nominated more than one establishment are rejected. Therefore, try to apply for one establishment only.
  • Finally, after fulfilling all the documents requested by the university, it is time to submit the application through French Education Establishments.
  • Later, you will get the notification about your selection results and final result announcements.

Courses provided under Eiffel Scholarships

Eiffel Scholarships offer availability of programs that a student can learn with this scholarship. As I have said before, the program courses provided under Eiffel scholarship include only Master’s and Ph.D. degree program courses. Furthermore, these scholarships does not cover French Master Programs being offered in other countries. Neither have they offered professional training under this scholarship.

The Courses provided under Eiffel Scholarships include: Engineering, law, Economics, Managements, Engineering Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Life, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Earth Sciences, Space Studies, Political Sciences, and Nanotechnology.

Documents and requirements needed to apply for Eiffel Scholarships

To apply for the Eiffel Scholarships 2023, you may have to submit the documents and applications required by the University.

Accordingly, the applicant have to submit the required documents and applications such as:-

  • Completed application
  • Motivational letter
  • At least 2 letters of recommendation and reference
  • Copy of a valid Passport
  • And other required documents

Finally, after completing all the documents mentioned above, gather them up properly and then submit them before the deadline of submission date. Be careful and make sure that the documents are all completed. If any document turns out to be missing, then the application will be disqualified!

Eiffel Scholarships are provided to the students based on academic criteria and financial-needs. Requirements needed to apply for the Eiffel scholarship may include:-

  • Applying for Eiffel Scholarship for the first time.
  • Applicant applying for Master’s program must be 25 years old or less.
  • For doctoral program, the applicant must be 30 years old.
  • Previously rejected applicants for this Scholarship are not eligible.
  • Already completed their program under this scholarship, are also not eligible.

English Language Requirements for Eiffel scholarships

It is important that the applicant must meet the basic requirements for the Eiffel scholarship such as language skills. The establishments select only those students who fulfil the language criteria. So that the student’s language skills can meet the course language to learn and study well in relevant course.

Acceptance rate of Eiffel Scholarship

Getting Eiffel Scholarship is quite competitive. The acceptance rate of Eiffel Scholarships 2023 is about 5%, which means that mostly, it is very competitive to get this scholarship. Accordingly, they accept or select only few from thousands of students. This is why, Eiffel scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship.

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