AAUW International Scholarships 2023

Apply for the AAUW International Scholarships for women 2023, which are open especially for women to study in USA.

About AAUW International Scholarships

Introduction to: AAUW International scholarship

AAUW International Scholarship is open for female students only, who desire to pursue education in Graduate and Postdoctoral study programs. The AAUW International Fellowship Program for women are fully funded scholarships, and these awards are limited. Female students can apply for this scholarship at any U.S. institution to support their studies. Online applications for AAUW International Scholarships 2023 for women are also available.

AAUW International Scholarships 2023 for women are especially available for international female students to continue their studies in USA Institutions. As a result, citizen of USA are not qualified for this scholarship. AAUW international fellowship scholarship for women are provided to the female applicants based on academic criteria and achievements. The Government of USA are welcoming international female students of all nationalities, to get educated in their top best universities.

To study in USA, scholarships are undoubtedly the best way to reduce financial burden. Similarly, AAUW International Fellowship 2023 for women are awarded in order to support their female students to study well and become the leaders in business, government, arts, community, etc.

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Available Courses in AAUW International Scholarship

The recipient students of AAUW international scholarship 2023 for women can apply for an admission in Master’s, PhD, and Postgraduate degree programmes. Female Applicants can apply in any available course subject at their chosen host university in USA.

Benefits of AAUW International Scholarship for Women

Learning and studying with the help of scholarships is a great way to fund your studies. What’s more, they offer educational support in all aspects and provide many benefits to the student.

Recipient students of AAUW International Scholarships 2023 for women will receive the following benefits and values:-

  • Tuition fee expenses
  • $20,000 for Master’s Program
  • $25,000 for Doctoral Program
  • $50,000 for Postdoctoral Program
  • Housing & living Coverage
  • Medical Health Insurance
  • Sports expenses
  • Travel Expenses

How to apply for the AAUW International Scholarship 2023 for Women?

As I have said before, they also provide online applications for international students to apply for the AAUW International scholarships. Significantly, the applicant should meet all the requirements to be eligible for the scholarship and submit it before the deadline date surpasses.

To apply for the AAUW International Scholarship 2023 for Women, following are the steps to apply for this scholarship:-

Steps to apply:

  • If you are a new applicant, then first apply for an admission in any USA university for a relevant degree program.
  • Create an account at the website by clicking the “Apply for a Scholarship now” button.
  • Then apply for the scholarship.
  • Complete the application form and fill in all the personal and academic information.
  • Meet all the eligibility requirements to get qualified for the scholarship.
  • Complete all the documents, suggested by the host university you have enrolled into.
  • Finally, after completing all the documents and application, it is time to submit the application.
  • Soon, you will receive the notification about the final results.
  • Good Luck!

Requirements needed for AAUW International Scholarship 2023

In order to get AAUW international scholarship 2023 for women, following are the eligibility requirements needed:-

  • Obtained good academic achievements
  • Continuous enrolment with full-time academic plan during the fellowship year
  • Non-residential female students
  • Must have completed Bachelor’s to apply for Master’s
  • Must have completed Master’s to apply for Ph.D. or Postdoctoral
  • Aim to follow professional career upon the completion for their studies in homeland
  • Unsuccessful students can reapply for the application
  • English language proficiency

If you have obtained all the eligible requirements, then you are capable to apply for AAUW International scholarships for women in USA.

However, in addition to document requirements, all the documents needed will be suggested by the university you will enrol into in USA. The host university will itself require to submit all documents needed for the scholarship.

Opening & Deadline of AAUW International Scholarships 2023

Great News dear students! The application for the AAUW International Scholarship for Women are now OPEN.

The deadline of AAUW International scholarships 2023 is on November 15th, 2022. Hence, it is notified that interested students should plan their application and submit them before the deadline.